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Jaylen Brown Joins The Inside Crew After WILD Game 6 Ending | NBA on TNT

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  • Opublikowany 26 maj 2023
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Komentarze • 0

  • UrMomOwesMeMoney
    UrMomOwesMeMoney 4 miesięcy temu +1000

    This show is so bold and unafraid to ask players hard questions to their face. Love it.

    • Munards
      Munards 4 miesięcy temu +54

      How the world should be

    • SRT eight
      SRT eight 4 miesięcy temu +76

      They're former players. Kenny + 2 Hall of Famers and EJ... SO you gotta respect it!

    • itssPuffy
      itssPuffy 4 miesięcy temu +17

      @Munardssay that one more time for the mfs in the back

    • sani salisu
      sani salisu 4 miesięcy temu +1

      Why should they be

    • Mr.E
      Mr.E 4 miesięcy temu +1

      ​@sani salisu well to avoid awkward situations of unnecessary commentary, like shaq did to D Mitch that one time.

  • Johnny Sensei
    Johnny Sensei 4 miesięcy temu +911

    Jaylen Brown did great by choosing to slash instead of chucking 3s like the rest of the team. Thank God for his tenacity

    • N K
      N K 4 miesięcy temu +3


    • gh
      gh 4 miesięcy temu +4

      Wasn't he 0-6? Tatum was 0-8 they just the same

    • LokeW12
      LokeW12 4 miesięcy temu +28

      his mid-range pullups were huge this game

    • DWfinds
      DWfinds 4 miesięcy temu +10

      @gh What Ive noticed is if they get Brown going in the first half, Tatum is usually bad. He sometimes will come back in the 2nd half then Brown disappears. Its really hard to get them both going.

  • Zach Morrow
    Zach Morrow 4 miesięcy temu +166

    THIS is why I love this crew and why they are the best at what they do. For Kenny to shift the narrative on the Celtics head coach and give him his credit for this amazing comeback the team has displayed. Way to turn the negatives into positives and pick a man up when he’s down. Love those brothas! And Love you all! May God continue to bless you all 🫶🏾

    • JTD472
      JTD472 4 miesięcy temu +2

      Didn’t really pick him up “when he’s down” or turn a “negative into a positive”. If he was defending him when they were down 3-0 or saying they could turn it around, that’d be different.
      “Turning a negative into a positive” is when you reframe negative circumstances into something that has potential for some sort of success or opportunity.
      He wasn’t praising or defending them when they were down (not that they deserved it necessarily).
      Coach Joe and the Celtics changed their circumstances for themselves, and then Kenny acknowledged it, which is cool, but it’s not like he stuck his neck out for them when everybody was clowning them for how they’d been playing.

    • Zach Morrow
      Zach Morrow 4 miesięcy temu

      @JTD472 Yep 👍

  • M Shahnazi
    M Shahnazi 4 miesięcy temu +232

    What an incredible young man is Jaylen Brown. Danny Ainge did a heck of a job drafting Jalen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart, Robert "Time Lord' Williams III, and Grant Williams. That's 5 of the Celtics' Top 8 players. If the Celtics win #18, Danny should get consideration for a Ring, although he already has 3 rings (2 as a player and one as GM).

    • Zhang Z
      Zhang Z 4 miesięcy temu +10

      It's also about having a plan and giving these young folks a lot of opportunities and patience to grow. That's what separates Boston from other teams like Philly or Houston, which also drafted a bunch of young talents but don't know how to help them grow. JT and JB won't be who they are right now if they were drafted by other teams.

    • Ssk
      Ssk 4 miesięcy temu +11

      @Zhang Z Boston also constantly reach the conference finals which is an achievement considering how young they are while Philly constantly chokes behind their weak flopping centre and head coach

    • Zhang Z
      Zhang Z 4 miesięcy temu +5

      @Ssk True. The Js got to play crucial roles on a winning team from day 1 to learn what it takes to win everything. This is definitely not what every rookie can get. Boston is lucky to have them there, and they were lucky to be drafted by Boston.

    • Anthony JS
      Anthony JS 4 miesięcy temu

      I remember Boston fans crushing ainge for trading down and drafting brown. Who's crushing now?

    • SS
      SS 4 miesięcy temu

      @Anthony JSfax

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau 4 miesięcy temu +97

    Jaylen Brown was exceptional , by choosing to slash his shots offensively instead of chucking 3s like the rest of the team did
    just unbelievable, and now they got a legit chance to get back to the NBA Finals

    • Slime Ball
      Slime Ball 4 miesięcy temu +3

      He gets to the free throw line corner jumper it’s automatic

    • Victor
      Victor 4 miesięcy temu +4

      Facts. 4th quarter is all about getting buckets instead of jacking threes.

  • TrueEmpire89
    TrueEmpire89 4 miesięcy temu +347

    I’m not sure mentally how the Heat can bounce back from this. And if the Celtics could stay consistent and make history. One of the most intriguing game 7 can’t wait.

    • plumeria66
      plumeria66 4 miesięcy temu +22

      Jimmy must be physically tired by now. I see Celtics winning game 7.

    • bob Washington
      bob Washington 4 miesięcy temu +7

      Bam needs to not play like a 2 guard

    • WhatInTheWorld3
      WhatInTheWorld3 4 miesięcy temu +1

      Easily bcuz I’d be furious and come out swinging. Refs gave Celtics the game

    • Ricci NA
      Ricci NA 4 miesięcy temu +8

      ​@WhatInTheWorld3 cope

    • MooNwALKER
      MooNwALKER 4 miesięcy temu +11

      ​@plumeria66 they really wore Jimmy down fr

  • jaku garcia
    jaku garcia 4 miesięcy temu +150

    i know Chuck and the crew are on vacation mode already but we are just glad that we have another episode for NBA on TNT haha! nice game! looking forward to game7!

    • King of the Road
      King of the Road 4 miesięcy temu

      you here talking about chuck vacation instead of JB and the game-whats with u??

    • jaku garcia
      jaku garcia 4 miesięcy temu +4

      @King of the Road What's with me? what's with you instead of talking about the game, you are talking about my comment? what's with you?

  • Max Charpentier
    Max Charpentier 4 miesięcy temu +74

    Jaylen..what Charles told you at the end, he's rooting for you. Go out and now win Game 7 💪🏾

  • Shawn M
    Shawn M 4 miesięcy temu +19

    I love Charles, he don't play no games he straight talks.
    Verbally knocks some sense into people and I'm hoping that helps them do what they need to do.

  • Dats a paddlin
    Dats a paddlin 4 miesięcy temu +527

    Chuck mad asf he ain’t on Vacation rn but I’m still glad they are on 😂

    • 17thNO
      17thNO 4 miesięcy temu +29

      Stephen A. gonna be drove too if the Heat don't win cause he is gonna have to travel between Boston and Denver, not South Beach.

    • Michael Bonhomme
      Michael Bonhomme 4 miesięcy temu +10

      🤣🤣🤣 Chuck is just trying to see Charlie (grandson)

    • Zubair Zuzu
      Zubair Zuzu 4 miesięcy temu +3

      Facts 💯

    • King Ray
      King Ray 4 miesięcy temu +1

      @Michael Bonhommenot Charlie it’s Henry

    • Mrtz Rcz
      Mrtz Rcz 4 miesięcy temu +1

      @King Ray He got a new one

  • Luis
    Luis  4 miesięcy temu +337

    As a spurs fan this feels like our 2013 finals game 6. Miami is done.

    • Olivia
      Olivia 4 miesięcy temu +49

      This does feel like that ray allen moment aye

    • Jay- Jay
      Jay- Jay 4 miesięcy temu +29

      With 4 minutes left it looked like 2018 where Lebron took it from the young Celtics. Butler is a nightmare in the final moments of the game. Go Celtics win game 7 make history, please win big.

    • Black Lyfe
      Black Lyfe 4 miesięcy temu +2

      Facts we got home court advantage

    • Anteanna Jordan
      Anteanna Jordan 4 miesięcy temu

      @Jay- Jay u had too put keswept name

    • Heisenberg
      Heisenberg 4 miesięcy temu +1


  • Box out, Celtics!
    Box out, Celtics! 4 miesięcy temu +2

    If we had boxed out all game, it wouldn't have been so close. But, hey, proud of our C's. Absolutely incredible play by White. Brown is a young basketball sage. Much respect.

  • DboyfresH
    DboyfresH 4 miesięcy temu +30

    Uncle Chuck spitting game at the end to young man. Words of wisdom

  • The Crypto Guys
    The Crypto Guys 4 miesięcy temu +16

    I love how Charles gives brown some constructive criticism to keep him humble. They need to hear that.

  • obama
    obama 4 miesięcy temu +14

    Mad respect to Chuck for giving Brown some advice. Sometimes, you just need to hear it from one of the best who unfortunately couldn't win the chip. All the more reason to listen.

  • Pineapple Gamer
    Pineapple Gamer 4 miesięcy temu +54

    I loved what Chuck said at the end! I’m starting to think Celtics can make history

  • mattanthony0814
    mattanthony0814 4 miesięcy temu +5

    I love Charles on interviews. He doesn’t fluff them, he calls them out on their BS

  • Thomas Martinez
    Thomas Martinez 4 miesięcy temu +10

    Little thing, I like how at the end how engaged Jaylen was when Chuck was talking to him. He gets it, and like he said: they try to so hard not to mess up that they mess up. 💎

    • Pedro Martinez
      Pedro Martinez 4 miesięcy temu +3

      Jaylen is the class of the Celtics. as amazing as he is on the court, he's even more impressive off of it! 🍀🍀🍀🍀

  • Acoustic Shadow
    Acoustic Shadow 4 miesięcy temu +13

    "It ain't over till it's over." You tell 'em, Jaylen! 😂🤣😂

  • VenkataKrishna MS
    VenkataKrishna MS 4 miesięcy temu +4

    HE was so candid in accepting the reasons for 4th quarter lead give ups..., apprehension, not to mess things up and endup messing it and the need to grow ..its vv delicate . Hope Cs win G7 .. continue the fight all 48mts. Go Cs.

  • fexcab
    fexcab 4 miesięcy temu +4

    Jalen with adrenaline pumping still eloquent and composed💯

  • Only The Best
    Only The Best 4 miesięcy temu +13

    They ask all the right questions. They treat the players like lil bros . & it’s great that they aren’t afraid lol

  • WrestlingIsReal
    WrestlingIsReal 4 miesięcy temu +246

    U only make history if u win game 4
    -Charles Barkley 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    • Ricky Bobby
      Ricky Bobby 4 miesięcy temu +36

      He said number four, good try champ.

    • Valley
      Valley 4 miesięcy temu +3

      If you do number 2

    • WrestlingIsReal
      WrestlingIsReal 4 miesięcy temu +1

      @Ricky Bobby what

    • str84wrd
      str84wrd 4 miesięcy temu +8

      ​@WrestlingIsReal"you only make history if you win number 4" ... 🤔

    • JWill
      JWill 4 miesięcy temu +1

      ​@Ricky Bobbyyou want a cookie....

  • b rob
    b rob 4 miesięcy temu +1

    Charles is right when he mentioned that shot disparity for the Celtics. They were 3 X as efficient on 2s than 3s.

  • Richard Walther
    Richard Walther 4 miesięcy temu +2

    I hope the Celtics can win the title after this great comeback in the series. It may be the deciding factor in whether Brown and Tatum continue on as pillars of this team.

    • Kay A
      Kay A 4 miesięcy temu

      They won’t

  • Brian G
    Brian G 4 miesięcy temu +6

    Earnie pointed out key point: rely on 3s yet shoot badly. Time for Celtics to change playing ID to shoot more 2s instead, not just for themselves but for entire NBA, so ppl would come back to watch more interesting old way.

  • E.P.K.
    E.P.K. 4 miesięcy temu +43

    Game 7!! For all the marbles!! 🏀💯

    • Grin9TV
      Grin9TV 4 miesięcy temu +1

      It’s not for all the marbles it’s a dude named Joker waiting

    • E.P.K.
      E.P.K. 4 miesięcy temu +1

      @Grin9TV absolutely 💯

    • Grin9TV
      Grin9TV 4 miesięcy temu +1

      @E.P.K. Lol and I’m sure he hopes Miami wins

  • Geoff Mak
    Geoff Mak 4 miesięcy temu +1

    Brown always candid. He had one clear lapse by shooting that long 3 with time on the clock in Q3 I think? Then didn't get the ball as much down the stretch. Tatum in first 2.5 quarters seemed finally learned something from Brown: don't duck your head and drive senselessly at the rim to hope for a foul. Then, Tatum started to revert to this old habit from mid Q3 while others make mistakes such as slow to get to Martin and let him nailed 3 3s, RW tried to move his feet on Butler and grilled 3x got FTs, Horford made dumb mistake twice on fouling Butler esp on the 3 in final seconds.

  • ponypower8
    ponypower8 4 miesięcy temu +60

    On a PUTBACK at 0.2??!!?? AFTER Jimmy made those 3 heart-stopping FT's??!! *And Jimmy got fouled ON THE SAME SPOT where Ray made that historic 3-pointer!* UNBELIEVABLE. *Looks like it was payback time for the basketball gods vs Spo and Riles.* Ray Allen stole one for the Heat. The basketball gods stole back this one from Spo and Riles, this time around.

    • BeansCollections
      BeansCollections 4 miesięcy temu +9

      Rondo 2010. Celtics at Heat....Rondo (also#9) finishes an out of bounds alley oop pass from Pierce with .01 on the clock.

    • ponypower8
      ponypower8 4 miesięcy temu

      @BeansCollections For a ticket to the NBA Finals? On a do-or-die game???

    • BeansCollections
      BeansCollections 4 miesięcy temu +3

      @ponypower8 I'm just saying history does rhyme.

  • Perth Luxury
    Perth Luxury 4 miesięcy temu +89

    Bill Russell looking down on us tonight for sure!! #doitforBill #6 #BillRussell

    • Kay A
      Kay A 4 miesięcy temu

      Lol 😂 y’all adding in bill when most Celtics fans are incredibly racist. They wouldn’t even acknowledge him

  • PhantomMatrix
    PhantomMatrix 4 miesięcy temu +6

    Brown's Jersey tells it ALL! 😂

  • slyck_supracotra
    slyck_supracotra 4 miesięcy temu +10

    1:47 on point answer by Jalen, interview is lit👌🍀🍀🍀🍀

  • ZZZ XXX000
    ZZZ XXX000 4 miesięcy temu +1

    the ending of this interview was pretty epic lol. you can tell it is gonna be in every collage video if the C's pull this off.

  • itsjimsley
    itsjimsley 4 miesięcy temu +10

    Jaylen brown got super nice articulated answers

  • Adam Nehal
    Adam Nehal 4 miesięcy temu +9

    Jaylen brown seems so respectful

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 miesięcy temu +3

    Jaylen Brown seems like a nice dude.

  • Samuel Obiora
    Samuel Obiora 4 miesięcy temu +9

    I love what Charles told him at the end.

    • Acoustic Shadow
      Acoustic Shadow 4 miesięcy temu

      Yeah, except he was wrong (as usual). Boston made history by bringing about a game 7 after being down 3-0. But they're about to make more/bigger history by winning game 7.

  • Pinoy Heartbeat
    Pinoy Heartbeat 4 miesięcy temu +8

    JB's demeanor in this interview is top notch. Congrats.

  • Alexander Kenway
    Alexander Kenway 4 miesięcy temu +165

    This game was a competition of who could choke better

    • Virtuous Pleasant
      Virtuous Pleasant 4 miesięcy temu +16

      That might be accurate, lol

    • Kana Jingly
      Kana Jingly 4 miesięcy temu +11

      In essence the Celtics choked. They just had crazy luck on their side to pull out the win here.

    • KuelBimbo
      KuelBimbo 4 miesięcy temu +5

      @Kana Jingly Cope :') next time box em out!

    • BigPolańsk
      BigPolańsk 4 miesięcy temu

      I feel like the last 3 games both teams been bad but Miami has been terrible they’re literally beating themselves.

    • Red Scorpion
      Red Scorpion 4 miesięcy temu +9

      @Kana Jingly They had the Leprechaun 🍀 on their side 😂

  • Augrills
    Augrills 4 miesięcy temu +2

    Coach Joe is an honorary West Virginia boy. Never count us out. We got so many great men that make it their impression on basketball - from D’antoni, JWill, and the logo himself, Jerry West.

  • Andrei Dinu
    Andrei Dinu 4 miesięcy temu +9

    We got lucky Duncan and Bam crumbled under pressure, otherwise this would be over.
    Celtics need to start strong and finish strong, to even have a chance, Jimmy's a DAWG!

  • ChaMMP Boi
    ChaMMP Boi 4 miesięcy temu

    Shaq wearing an actual gold bar on his fist 😂

    TILLMAN97 4 miesięcy temu

    Wow game 7 otw I’m ready like I’m about to play 😂 great interview gotta love chuck

  • Ilovebostonceltics07
    Ilovebostonceltics07 4 miesięcy temu +70

    You gotta love Jaylen brown

    • 416_WeTheNorth
      416_WeTheNorth 4 miesięcy temu +4

      Is that before or after he commits hooking fouls on the offensive end??

    • BeansCollections
      BeansCollections 4 miesięcy temu +12

      @416_WeTheNorth Oh stop it. Every great player has cheap veteran tricks.

    • 416_WeTheNorth
      416_WeTheNorth 4 miesięcy temu +2

      @BeansCollections ur fried thats not a veteran trick lol he does it on 80% of his drives

    • sishaq12
      sishaq12 4 miesięcy temu +4

      ​@416_WeTheNorth No one has a deeper bag of veteran tricks (cheap shots) than Kyle Lowry 😂

    • dodge neon
      dodge neon 4 miesięcy temu

      ​@sishaq12 the man's a master of getting calls. The only dude who did it better was harden.

  • Jeeplife ID
    Jeeplife ID 4 miesięcy temu +5

    What a wild ending..

  • C Brown
    C Brown 4 miesięcy temu

    BOS made adjustments. Incredible finish.

  • Duff Man187
    Duff Man187 4 miesięcy temu +15

    What a great young man😊🍻🍺

  • Black Lyfe
    Black Lyfe 4 miesięcy temu +2

    So happy for him

  • Shaw Brothers Fan
    Shaw Brothers Fan 4 miesięcy temu +3

    There’s nothing like being a Boston Celtics fan! 🏀🍀🏀🍀🏀🍀🏀🍀🏀🍀🏀🍀🏀🍀🏀

  • Night Krawler
    Night Krawler 4 miesięcy temu +17


  • Laura Rosales
    Laura Rosales 4 miesięcy temu +3

    One game at a time. ONE GAME AT A TIME. CELTICS!!!!!

  • Pushpdant Sharma
    Pushpdant Sharma 4 miesięcy temu +1

    I think the last minute pop back just takes the wind out of miami . They were comfortable the whole game but as good as robinson was shooting he should have passe to jimmy to close the game .

    PG 13PACERNATION 4 miesięcy temu +1

    Celtics “don’t let’s us get 1” back it up, “don’t let us get 2” back it up, “don’t let us get another one” back it up.
    Nothing but respect for the Celtics.
    Game 7 is going to be hella of a game.
    If they come back from 3-0 down nothing but the up most respect for this team. 🫡🔥

  • ingmar van der hoek
    ingmar van der hoek 4 miesięcy temu +9

    You could see that jaylen brown was about to ask ernie to pinch him because finishes like this only happen in good dreams and bad movies.

  • Alonzo A.
    Alonzo A. 4 miesięcy temu +3

    This was like that Derek Fisher shot vs. the Spurs in ‘04 WCSF

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg 4 miesięcy temu +2

    Prediction: If The Miami Heat Lose, Jimmy Butler is going to THROW THE ENTIRE TEAM UNDER THE BUS!

  • Cease Fire
    Cease Fire 4 miesięcy temu

    Jaylen Brown is not a small man, but Shaq makes him look like a toy. 😆

  • Justin
    Justin 4 miesięcy temu

    @2:06 "like we don't want to be the one to mess up, and it causes you to be one to mess up" that is the definition of choking. Sounds like they are in need of coaching and in need of a real leader. The one who is fearless, willing to be the one who wins it, or the one who died trying. That guy can't be Derrick White, or Grant Williams

  • 오답노트
    오답노트 4 miesięcy temu +3

    Shaq is literally twice the size of sturdy jaylen brown

  • Kwatro Kantos
    Kwatro Kantos 4 miesięcy temu +24

    Shaq is not delighted that his former team blew a 3-0 lead. 😆

    • YoutubeGPT
      YoutubeGPT 4 miesięcy temu +31

      Celtics is his former team too 😂

    • MEMO no MOTO
      MEMO no MOTO 4 miesięcy temu +19

      Clearly a casual, Shaq played for the Celtics too

    • gongskiii
      gongskiii 4 miesięcy temu +1

      A peenoise/pignoise comment

    • Heisenberg
      Heisenberg 4 miesięcy temu +2

      Remember🤔: Shaq also played for The Celtics; so he is trying to stay NEUTRAL!

    • Bman Busee
      Bman Busee 4 miesięcy temu

      Yeah, he had the heat winning due to lack of consistency from the Cs. Guess the consistency came at the wrong time.😂

  • Kimber Knutson
    Kimber Knutson 4 miesięcy temu +3

    Perfect. But why was there a delay on Jaylen's mic and not anyone else's?

  • cj H
    cj H 4 miesięcy temu +45

    My celtics gonna make history and then win a chip!

    • Kay A
      Kay A 4 miesięcy temu +8

      They definitely ain’t winning the championship this team they are playing is an 8th seed 😂

    • Miguel San Andres
      Miguel San Andres 4 miesięcy temu +12

      @Kay A this 8th seed beat the first and fifth seed my man.

    • Black Lyfe
      Black Lyfe 4 miesięcy temu +6

      Calm down. This is the ecf, not the finals. we still have one more game to win, and then we have to beat the nuggets in the finals

    • Andrei Dinu
      Andrei Dinu 4 miesięcy temu +9

      If we play like this, the Nuggets will wipe us out.

    • Cant BanMe
      Cant BanMe 4 miesięcy temu

      One game at a time

  • Sergio Abarca
    Sergio Abarca 4 miesięcy temu +1

    People are overanalysing this series for the views I get it. But it’s really this simple JB’s arm healed and he’s getting his shooting back that’s really it. When they were down 0-3 he was shooting like 28%, now idk the exact number but probably like 10% more. That’ll work 😂

  • Robert Newkirk
    Robert Newkirk 4 miesięcy temu +1

    Jaylen.s highlights were tough...👀💯🧊

  • Randolph Watnick
    Randolph Watnick 4 miesięcy temu +1

    Jaylen Brown is 6'7" and looks like a teenager next to Shaq

  • mella rx
    mella rx 4 miesięcy temu

    I want Boston Celtics in the championship for 4 reasons:
    1. Make history from down 0 - 3.
    2. They match up better against the Denver Nuggets.
    3. The Boston Celtics will have homecourt which neutralizes the mile high city altitude.
    4. Makes the Denver Nuggets work a little bit for the championship ring. In the end, I want Denver to get its first ring. Boston already has too many.

  • Noman77
    Noman77 4 miesięcy temu +21

    If heat loses game 7, Butler gonna have to be shameful af. He started trash talking more like he is Jordan. Now Celtics making him humble af.
    If he loses I hope someone says “TALK MORE” in his face.

    • fkillah
      fkillah 4 miesięcy temu +2

      The Celtics are suppose to win. They are the better team - better starting five and bench. Who do the Heat have? For them to be pushed this far has already humbled the Celtics. Jimmy has nothing to be ashamed of hater

  • Lakers In 5
    Lakers In 5 4 miesięcy temu +82

    They might make history

    • derek larner
      derek larner 4 miesięcy temu +19

      They WILL make history. Guaranteed

    • the one 🔪
      the one 🔪 4 miesięcy temu

      ​@derek larner history by forcing a game 7 not by winning the series 😂

    • Tpain2408
      Tpain2408 4 miesięcy temu +3

      They winning game 7 they got the better team and it’s showing

    • derek larner
      derek larner 4 miesięcy temu +4

      @the one 🔪
      Other teams have forced the game 7 before they did. Do some research before you make a statement like that.

    • Kevin Ng
      Kevin Ng 4 miesięcy temu +2

      What history? Vegas made money on these games…just watch it for fun…

  • P1P31150
    P1P31150 4 miesięcy temu

    If they win game 7, and somehow end up winning it all just imagine the documentary on this series man

  • Nikhil Kumar
    Nikhil Kumar 4 miesięcy temu

    man *Chuck called it!!*
    he knew this team was too up & down to hold strong for 4-games straight, i thought the Celts would just ride the (epic, history making) momentum to win the series, but they fell apart all over again! ...Or Miami stepped it up a notch, all over again.

  • daaj razgul
    daaj razgul 4 miesięcy temu +1

    Feels like the Celtics got it. But I think this 0-3 to 3-3 happend 3 times and the team that was up 3-0 still managed to win the last game so who knows.

    • J Sintral
      J Sintral 4 miesięcy temu +3

      they’re the first team to have game 7 at home

  • Monica Pegues
    Monica Pegues 4 miesięcy temu +42

    These mfs really gonna come back from 3-0. Epic!

    • Black Lyfe
      Black Lyfe 4 miesięcy temu +1

      You got that right ✅️

  • Injoker
    Injoker 4 miesięcy temu +37

    Its over for the heat. Biggest throw of the century.

    • big D
      big D 4 miesięcy temu

      Still could make the arrangements for when Patriots won against falcons

    • bob Washington
      bob Washington 4 miesięcy temu


    • SF G
      SF G 4 miesięcy temu +2

      not giving the ball to beast mode, and I'm a 9er

  • Joshua Hickson
    Joshua Hickson 4 miesięcy temu +1

    I hope the Boston Celtics win the championship

  • michael wilson
    michael wilson 4 miesięcy temu +1

    Rim that out.... Pause Ernie😂😂😂

  • Christian Vigal
    Christian Vigal 4 miesięcy temu

    Stephen A did step up 😂

  • John Pestano
    John Pestano 4 miesięcy temu

    a last minute play is the only reason these Celtics are in a G7 they are lucky Miami was seconds away from the finals unreal

  • baysisaiah
    baysisaiah 4 miesięcy temu

    Shaq and Chuck are huge😳

  • 5star
    5star 4 miesięcy temu

    If they win game 7 they winning the chip they literally took they soul

  • Jonathan Watson
    Jonathan Watson 4 miesięcy temu

    This was a mixture of Ray Allen mixed with the DeAndre Ayton mixed with the Derek Fisher .4 shot all rolled in one. Idt Miami has enough

  • ARI85
    ARI85 4 miesięcy temu

    Those stats are unthinkable

  • Shane Samuels
    Shane Samuels 4 miesięcy temu

    Celtics will make History Charles your a hard man

  • Winny Cate
    Winny Cate 4 miesięcy temu +1

    Imagine losing to the same team twice in a row in a game 7 Eastern conference finals

    • Doctor Wave
      Doctor Wave 4 miesięcy temu +3

      What’s ironic is MJ lost to the pistons in the game 7 ECF 2 years in a row also. Maybe this is a sign that the heat will be the best team in the league next year…